The ever-increasing need for water supply, irrigation, drainage and treatment create the necessity of using pumps in almost every area (buildings, industry, agriculture, shipping and water treatment).

It is this fact that compels the pump manufacturers to develop products more robust, complex and compatible with electronic units.
Grundfos, as a pioneer in the pump market, is not only interested in selling its products, but also places great importance on after-sales service to its customers.

Therefore a strict strategy of partner selection is applied, not only concerning sales but also flawless product service.
Apart from Grundfos' partneships, customers should somehow be aware of whether and how these choices work properly.
How can all those who have bought Grundfos products be sure that the selected partners, besides their certificates, are fully equipped with knowledgeable staff, infrastructure, spare parts and that they operate according to Grundfos' after-sales service standards?

Given that Grundfos manufactures pumps whose reparation requires engineering, electrical engineering, electronics and programming skills, how can customers be sure that the selected partner is authorized but also genuinely capable to address any problem of any Grundfos' product?

How can customers be sure that the selected Grundfos partner has the necessary specialized equipment, test tanks and tested control devices or that the spare parts in stock are genuine so that the proper and flawless repair of their pump can be assured?

The answer to all of the above customers' questions is given by SGS TUV SAAR, a German independent certification company, which, based on Grundfos standards, inspects each of Grundfos' select partners for the above mentioned infrastructure and their ability to pass the harsh test of a strict certification.

Our company responded to this challenge by inviting the independent firm "SGS TUV SAAR" to certify the level of our capabilities and the services we offer. Therefore customers can be sure that this certification ensures, beyond the authorization from Grundfos, the high quality services we provide.

Our company is the only one in Greece that went through all of the SGS TUV SAAR tests on 23/06/2015 and has successfully earned the highest score of 89%, considered a very high ranking in the entire European Union.

This special certification provides a double assurance: first that our company operates perfectly conforming to Grundfos standards, the world's largest pump manufacturer, and secondly that our customers are assured that any interaction with our company will be governed by economical and technical consistency and respect for them and their products.

We are proud to cooperate with you at such a high level, referring to Grundfos' products and service.