Since 1978 our company has dynamically entered the pump market specializing in providing high quality services not only to manufacturing, shipping, irrigation companies but also to households, giving always responsible solutions.

The path we've followed with solvency all those years, putting effort in increasing customers' and partners' base, enriching even more our long-term experience, has acknowledged our company.

The partnerships with overseas companies have been made with responsibility towards our customers.

Our choice in 1993 to form a partnership with Grundfos as our core partner proofs our intention of providing our customers with products conforming to high quality standards.


We cover the huge range of Grundfos' products with:

• each project's planning

• the supply of the products

• our knowledgeable staff


Our large stock of products and spare-parts adds even more value to our company for our customers.

We always provide our expertise to help them choose the appropriate products they need to meet their target.